Transportation Code (Railroad Provisions)
81R and 82R Legislation

The provisions enacted by the 81st Legislature transferred most of the remaining provisions of Title 112, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes, to the Transportation Code. Title 112 was not included in the original codification of the Transportation Code in 1995 because many of the statutes were preempted by federal law or otherwise obsolete. H.B. No. 3711, Acts of the 80th Legislature, Regular Session, 2007, was a substantive bill that repealed the obsolete statutes, clearing the way for the codification of the remaining provisions of Title 112 in Title 5, Transportation Code.

The following legislation resulting from this project was enacted by the 81st Legislature in 2009 and is effective April 1, 2011.

A few of the provisions originally proposed to be codified in the project enacted by the 81st Legislature were excluded. The excluded provisions involved certain session laws published in Title 112 by the publisher of that title that had not been added to that title by legislative enactment. Those provisions were included in the project that was sent to interested parties before the 2009 legislative session and were available for review on the council's internet website. They were included in a similar form in the general code update bill in the 82nd Legislature.

The general code update bill in the 82nd Legislature was S.B. 1303; the relevant railroad provisions are in Part B of Article 24 of that bill.

A revisor's report for the project was compiled and may be found here:

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